What you don’t know about SEO may be hurting your business

Do you know where your website ranks in Google?  Do you know what key words customers are using to find your (or your competitors) business?  Do you know how fast your site loads? Does your website function properly on mobile? The good news is you can find out a lot of this information out for free.  Read on … 

All of the factors above (and many more) impact your SEO ranking, or where you are ranked in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). If you’re not familiar, now is a great time to get educated.  Not knowing this information will cost you.  A page 1 ranking for one key word is better than a page 2 ranking for 10-key words. 


You can do some investigatory work on your own by searching for the services your business provides in an ‘incognito window’. This can be illuminating. You may have top ranking for one of the products or services you offer and be buried on page 5 for another.

Key Words

Sometimes, business owners can be surprised about the key words that customers are using. Perhaps you think people are looking for “pet grooming in Mytown” but they are really searching “dog grooming Mytown”.  Once you have a “key word analysis” done, you’ll get a better understanding of what folks are searching for and how frequently. Then, you can use the key words that customers are searching in your site to rank for those terms. 

Site Speed

This is a big one.  If your site is slow, Google is sad and so are your customers.  To get a feel for how fast your site is, use this free service from Google.  Depending upon where you host your site, what type of site you have, etc., there are many things that can be done to increase site speed.  For example, you may need to compress photos, add Word Press plug ins or upgrade your hosting to name a few.


This one is fairly easy to assess but extremely important.  Look at your site on mobile and do so with different phones.  Yes, it matters!  Your content should load properly on all mobile devices.  

Delegate It Digital provides a free website analysis for all of our clients (and prospects as well).  Even if you are not ready to commit to an SEO campaign, this information can be very valuable.  Some of the items can be corrected easily and inexpensively. For a free website analysis, contact us at info@delegateitdigital.com.

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