What is SEO and why do I need it for my business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the work that goes into ranking your website on search engines – namely Google but also Yahoo, Bing and others.  Years ago, the process was simpler, your website was ranked based upon the domain name, content / key words, links into and out of your site and the quality of code. Today, SEO is an ever-changing, Google driven, labor intensive business necessity.  

If your business gets tons of referrals, your phone is ringing off the wall (oh boy that shows my age), and your email is pinging, perhaps you don’t need help with SEO. But for the rest of us, that need folks to find us on the internet and get in touch with us to create business, SEO is a necessity. 

I recently heard someone say, “if you want to hide a body, bury it on page 2 of Google”.  Why?  Because 90% of people never scroll past page 1.  And, 33% of clicks go to the #1 organic position (listing after paid ads). Now that we agree that SEO is necessary and unless you’re independently wealthy, you probably need it for your business, let’s talk a little more about what goes into today’s SEO.  

There’s a ton of work that goes into SEO but for a high-level understanding, I’ll list a few things.


Your website should be updated.  No circa 1998.  Believe me I still see some of these around.  You should have good content.  Be sure to check your pages and your links and make sure everything is working properly.  Google frowns upon broken links.

Use Key Words

Add as much content as you can with relevant key words. What are key words?  Essentially, the words that people are searching for that lead them to your site.  Perhaps they are the services you provide, i.e. dog grooming, acrylic nail manicures, faux painting, etc.  If you can include a blog on your site, you will have a great opportunity to include relevant key words. 

Links and Listings 

Google likes links.  Links into and out of your site. These include Yelp, Yahoo, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc.  The more links, the better (always quality though, not just quantity).  A great way to get links is by getting listed in as many directories as you can. The caveat here is to make sure all listings are consistent and accurate.


If your site is old and slow, consider upgrading.  A slow site hinders your ranking and is a deterrent for customers when they do get to your site.  Customers expect a site to load in less than 3 seconds.


Today, people are constantly on their phones (surprising I know).  As such, your site needs to be mobile friendly.  If it is not, your ranking will suffer.

If your site is less than stellar in some of these key areas, it might be time for a face lift.

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