Improve Your Site’s SEO – 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

improve your site SEO

SEO is the ongoing, strategic, technical work that is done to improve your site’s ranking on search engines — Google, Bing and Yahoo.  While a true SEO strategy includes multiple technical elements and ongoing efforts, there are a few simple things you can do today to help your site’s rank.


  1. Create useful, easy to read content. 

Educate your customers about your business or industry. What are some common questions that you receive from customers and prospects?  Those topics make great blogs or page content. Engage consumers with up to date relevant information. In doing so, ensure your content is easy to read.  Break up important topics or categories into sections.  Use paragraphs that are a few sentences and use bullets or sub-headings to make the content flow easier for the reader. Use visuals such as infographics wherever possible to explain difficult or detailed concepts.


  1. Use your key words in the right place.

Back in the day, you could spatter your key words throughout your page.  Search engines (read Google) are much more sophisticated today.  A better strategy is to include the key word in the title for the page, in the URL and in the first 100 words of content in your blog.  Don’t overuse the key word on your page or site.  Remember, “quality over quantity”.


  1. Get rid of old, less relevant pages

Pages that get little traffic or worse have old, irrelevant content can bring down your ranking.  Keep your site fresh and updated and get rid of old pages or content.  Again, “quality over quantity”.  Better to have a few highly engaging, relevant pages of content then tons of info that nobody is interested in.  Google factors in the “user experience” with your site and quality content equals more engagement.


  1. Use a family of keywords

Google get more sophisticated everyday and learns from their users.  Consumers search for information using a variety of phrases so be sure to include those phrases in your key-word strategy.  Think synonyms, details, qualifiers, locations.  As Google works to understand the user’s intention, using synonyms and related key words on a page can help to better define your content. For example, if I’m writing a blog about finding part-time work, I might use phrases like moonlighting, side-hustle, and second job.


  1. Strive for ongoing improvement

Gone are the days that a website is one and done.  Your site should be refreshed regularly and seek to engage with your customer.  Adding blogs, videos and updates to your site are best practices.  Don’t forget customer reviews, special sales and upcoming events.


About Delegate It Digital

Delegate It Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency in Somerville, New Jersey specializing in search engine optimization.  Clients range from small, local businesses to national ecommerce sites.  With Delegate It Digital, your business receives local relationship management with global resources. We will help your site gain visibility and improve ranking on Google.

Delegate It Digital is being recognized as Top New Jersey SEO Agency by DesignRush.

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